Iron Writer Official Rules

Iron Writer is a competition between writers of all levels. Each writer is tasked to write a 1,000 word speculative fiction story based on four prompts, or elements. Each writer will compose their story using inspiration from the same elements. The prompts will be revealed on the first day of the month, and then writers will have one week to write their story. After their stories are written they will have three days to submit and their stories will be posted online. After the three days, voting will begin. Readers will be able to vote for each story once, if they choose, or just vote for their favorite stories. They will have one week to vote. When voting ends, the story with the most votes will be declared Iron Writer of that month. In the case of a tie, all top writers will be pitted against each other in a Flash Battle. (see Flash Battle rules).

When chosen, the monthly winner will no longer be able to compete until the Quarterly Challenge. Quarterlies will be held in August, November, February and May. At the end of May the four quarterly winners will compete in a final challenge to decide who will receive the title of Iron Writer 2021. The winner will be announced in June at the Space and Time Linzner Awards.

These rules are subject to change without notice at our discretion.