“Possibility?” Bree blinked, looking around herself.

Less than an hour ago she’d been in her Color Variations and Their Effects on Magic class, looking forward to lunch at her favorite cafeteria stop, Tiny Cupcakes. But things got real fuzzy at that point.

Where am I?

“You are nowhere!” A voice boomed, answering her thoughts. The voice sounded aggressive, yet somehow scripted, like something from one of those awesome cult movies of the 1980s that her professor loved so much. The kind that flopped at the box office but still acquired a devout following.

Bree looked around herself again. Everything was blurred and formless, as if it was nothing at all or, perhaps, had just not decided exactly what it was going to be yet.

Except for the dark figure sitting cross-legged in front of her. He was solid, defined, and real. The piercing, cobalt eyes staring at her.

Fireworks went off in Bree’s mind as she remembered everything. The attack on the School of Magic she attended. Her instructor trying to tell her what was happening. And the figure across from her explaining that he was, essentially, the end of the universe.

“That’s right, hold on, I remember now,” Bree spoke to the figure. “You are the end, you’ve always been the end, and I’m still here because of… Possibility. But, if possibility is why I’m still talking to you, why take me nowhere?”

“I understand existence and the universe in ways beyond your capability. But, it seemed as if you may have something different within you. Now, I am not so sure. I have no need for elaborate displays. I can undo your entire reality, or return all that you know to its present form, or give you paradise with nothing more than a blink.”

“You didn’t answer my question,” Bree said defiantly.

The figure sighed.

“In short, we are nowhere because you believe it is nowhere. No matter who you are, you always believe it is nowhere.”

“But I don’t, not at all. You are the one who called it nowhere, not me.”

“That was not me,” the figure replied.

“Well, then who wa…”

“And I’m talkin’ to whoever’s listening… If we’re not back by morning, call the president… It’s all in the reflexes.” A different voice this time, not as aggressive but brimming with confidence, equally as scripted.

Wait… That IS from a movie… Big … something, in Little… something. From the 80s…

“Professor?” Bree closed her eyes and whispered.

“Remember Bree, this thing does not believe in other possibilities, it cannot see a reality where it is not the end. You have to show it.”

“How Professor?”

“Well, you’ve already closed your eyes”

Bree smiled.

She began envisioning her lighting and releasing a luminary, making a wish and attaching it to the light as it floated up into the sky.

“Make a wish,” Bree whispered. “One…”

She opened her eyes and saw that the previously stagnant, motionless surroundings seemed to be taking shape, changing colors, separating from each other, forming solid masses that steadily congealed into objects.


She looked at the figure across from her and saw him, for the first time, not staring at her. Slowly, he looked around himself. What was that look on his face? Curiosity? Fear? Awe?

Bree smiled. She could feel it. Not just her wish, her speck of light floating upwards, but all of them; those happening right now all around the world and those from long ago and far away.

She could feel her arms raising up at her sides as more lights joined hers. Even those that had not happened yet, and those that would never happen, the wishes of an entire reality filled the sky.

She watched as the figure smoothly rose to his feet, turning his back to her as he looked toward the direction that was taking on depth and separation. Distance existed. The horizon formed and along with it the ground and the sky.


Bree’s fists clenched as everything around them snapped into focus. A lush, green surface. A clear, night sky filled with infinite wishes. And a structure, a wealthy mansion, separating the two.

“I… Do not understand,” the figure turned to watch as Bree floated off of the ground. “If you have this kind of power, why show me this? Why not fight me? Defend yourself, your reality?”

“Because, you have seen all the battles before, Cobalt. It is all that you know, all that you believe to be real. But this,” Bree motioned into the distance, “this is the one thing you have never known.”

“I have seen all of it before,” Cobalt said looking back at the imagery. “Grass, rivers, skies of all colors, someone’s home, sometimes small, sometimes grandiose. The end is always the same.”

“Not someone’s home… Your home.”

Cobalt stood frozen, staring at the picture before him.

“Of all the possibilities, of all the things I could show you or try to do to defend my existence, this is the one thing that you have never known: your birth, your family … yourself. How can you judge entire realities if you do not understand your own?”

Cobalt blinked once as he realized that this was not just imagery, not just a picture. This was real, it was palpable, it was totality. This was his existence.

He looked at Bree and nodded almost imperceptibly.

And then, he blinked again.

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