Congratulations to our winners so far!

NOVEMBER 2021 No Winner
OCTOBER 2021 No Winner
SEPTEMBER 2021 “Things Left Undone” by Dave Woolston
AUGUST 2021 “The Headless Don’t Need Masks” by David Clear
JULY 2021 “The Descent” by Briant Laslo
JUNE 2021 “Fly Me to the Moon” by K.R. Segriff

AUTUMN 2021 QUARTERLY “Vibrancy” by Briant Laslo
WINTER 2021 QUARTERLY “The Limits of Evolution” by K.R. Segriff

IRON WRITER CHAMPION 2021 in progress




What is the Iron Writer challenge?

Regular schedule postponed until June 2022. Congratulations to K.R. Segriff, winner of the Winter Quarterlies. She and Briant Laslo, winner of the Autumn Quarterly,  will now compete for the the title of Iron Writer Champion 2021. We hope to start a new cycle for 2022.

2021 Championship happening now.


EARLY SUBMISSIONS! Submissions normally open the 8-15th of each month. Voting begins on the 16th of each month.
We welcome submissions after the 16th but they will not added to the vote.



“Possibility?” Bree blinked, looking around herself. Less than an hour ago she’d been in her Color Variations and Their Effects on Magic class, looking forward to lunch at her favorite cafeteria stop, Tiny Cupcakes. But things got real fuzzy at that point. Where am I? “You are nowhere!” A voice...

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The Coming of Joy

Against all odds, our Skoda wheezes to the top of the mountain.  “Idi ti!” Uncle Branko says as he waves me toward the ruin of the Koznik Castle. “Go explore your glorious heritage.” “You’re not coming?” I ask. Branko pokes at his cell phone’s filthy screen. “I have no interest...

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The Limits of Evolution

The city lights reflect in the uneasy waters of the Atlantic as my shuttle touches down.   I step from the hatch, and before my foot alights the galley panel, I am already whispering his name. “Gabor Jezek.” My temple buzzes, and the robotic voice of my SHIRLY headset replies, “Searching….”...

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A World Away

Adventure. That’s what my uncle Marty loved. He wrote hundreds of short stories about them until he disappeared. It’s been a full year since the missing persons case opened. But here at his wake, it’s time to let him go. I stare at my uncle’s portable typewriter. Amazed at how...

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Ribbons and Bows

Ribbons and Bows          Deep blue water held the moon and the clouds in a sensuous night time embrace. The castle’s rectangular outline dominated the village rooftops and church spires receding into the distance. The old man in the worn fedora stepped lightly down the cobblestoned streets,...

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Do You Know Why Ypu Are Here?

              “So,” the principal began wearily, “do you know why you are here – again? Hello, Mr. Kintyre, did you hear me?”           Of course, I had heard her, but my attention had been drawn immediately and magnetically to the four pictures on the wall above her head....

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A Job Offer

I definitely was not going crazy. Nevermind the fact that I was standing on a deer trail, in the middle of nowhere, talking to a small dog, a pug actually, wrapped in a blanket. Oh, and it was talking back to me. “So, let me get this straight, your name...

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“So, while there are theoretically infinite colors in the universe,” Professor Tanaka said excitedly as he circled the infinity symbol on the chalkboard, “the human eye can only detect between two and three million of them!” Despite the oppressive heat and humidity in the classroom, Bree smiled. Mister Tanaka’s Color...

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